EXECUTIVE OPTIONS is a premium international service company that provides superlative high-end safety and security related services to discerning Clients. We offer you a variety of OPTIONS to effectively address your specific safety and security concerns, often in a manner that results in revenue savings and the achievement of efficiencies within your Organization. Our services are provided internationally to a wide range of Clients, including Governments, Government Sector Affiliates, Port Authorities (Air, Land and Sea), Law Enforcement Agencies, large Corporations and Private Clients.


EXECUTIVE OPTIONS offers a wealth of experience and operates internationally through strategically-located international offices in the United Arabic Emirates (UAE), Belgium, United Kingdom, South Africa and Russia/Belarus. This allows Executive Options Area of Operations to cover the Middle East, Africa, Europe and CIS countries while ensuring a strong regional presence, with local knowledge and international coverage.


EXECUTIVE OPTIONS operates in carefully-selected selected markets in accordance to each countries Rule of Law, applying a distinctive, project-led approach and emphasis on creating value while offering superlative bespoke Client services.


The Safety and Security services we offer are as follows:


  • Private Security Services.
  • Corporate Security Services.
  • Security System Installation, Integration and Maintenance.
  • Aviation Services.
  • Maritime Services.
  • Canine Services.
  • Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Services.
  • Training.
  • Procurement.
  • Special Projects Services and Support.



                                                                                    “Leadership is an action….not a position”


”On behalf of our entire team in Belgium, South Africa, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Russia, I want to thank you for your interest in Executive Options.  At Executive Options we promise to deliver high quality, personal services to our clients and partners all the time.


Executive Options takes great pride in the quality of services we deliver. The ethical principles we strictly adhere to and the undeniable professionalism displayed by every one of our employees, ensures quality of service to the highest standard.


 I assure you that we will add value to you as a client because of our team’s innovation and experience.”




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